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Metals and Stains

PROBLEM: Staining appears as discoloration on pool surfaces.  These stains may be green, blue, purple, gray, reddish-brown or beige to brown.

SOLUTION: "Permanent" stains (ones not easily brushed off) are typically the result of some chemical imbalance or metals present in the water.

PROBLEM: Gray, green to bluish purple stains.

SOLUTION: Most likely copper, possibly iron.

PROBLEM: Reddish to yellow-brown stains.

SOLUTION: Iron is the most likely cause.

PROBLEM: Medium to dark brown stains.

SOLUTION: Uncommon, but the presence of manganese is often the cause.

PROBLEM: Beige to tan stains on plastered or marcite finishes.

SOLUTION: This is a calcium or silicate scale build-up.  Although scale is white, dirt is trapped in the crystals as they form.

PROBLEM: All of the above.

SOLUTION: All these conditions should be treated by your OMNI® Dealer.  The sooner you react to any stain, the greater the chance it can be eliminated.